What is Regenerative Medicine?

Learn about regenerative medicine and how it can help manage joint pain from chronic inflammation, arthritis, or a sports injury. Discover how to use your body’s natural ability to heal to recover from chronic joint pain and inflammation without pills, surgery, or a lengthy recovery.

Who is a Candidate For Regenerative Medicine?

Learn about your options when it comes to managing your joint pain. Dr. Dhingsa has some tips on who might be a candidate for regenerative therapy.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Curious about PRP (platelet rich plasma)? What is it and where does it come from? How does it work and how do we use it? Dr. Dhingsa has your answers in this video!

Three Reasons Not to Have a Cortisone Injection

What does the science say about the effects of cortisone injections? Dr. Dhingsa discusses cortisone injections up close and personal.