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At Four Oaks Medicine, Dr. Komal Dhingsa has developed a nonoperative orthopedic approach to joint and back pain that focuses on the whole patient, not just their orthopedic condition. Her holistic formula includes a variety of alternatives to orthopedic surgery, as well as other strategies to support your healthy and active life.

Get back to the activities you love naturally with minimally invasive injections. Lose stubborn belly fat and build muscle tone with non-invasive body contouring. Increase energy and prevent re-injury with an optimized performance plan.

Let our results-driven formula empower you to move, live and feel your ultimate best.

Minimally Invasive Injections

If you have tried conventional treatments and are still experiencing joint pain or are seeking alternatives to cortisone injections or orthopedic surgery (such as knee replacement surgery), minimally invasive injections may be the answer. Explore a variety of natural options to help you get back to your active lifestyle, with little to no downtime.

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

When diet and exercise are not delivering the results you want – whether that’s losing love handles, working toward a sixpack, or building muscle after weight loss – you do not need to resort to liposuction or other surgical procedures to achieve your goals. Gain muscle tone and lose fat fast with non-invasive body sculpting procedures, truSculpt flex and truSculpt ID.

Performance Optimization

You have recovered from injury and can’t wait to get back to living your life to its fullest, but you need a long-term strategy to stay healthy and avoid re-injury. Optimize your body to work more efficiently, feel balanced, and boost performance, recovery, and energy at any age with a customized performance optimization plan.


Dr. Dhingsa is committed to practicing what she preaches – using a natural, holistic approach to supporting a healthy and active lifestyle. She has over a decade of experience in managing everyday physical injuries, such as knee pain and arthritis, shoulder pain (rotator cuff injuries), hip pain and arthritis, tennis elbow, and back pain. After working in “big box” medicine, Dr. Dhingsa has seen firsthand the shortfalls of “band-aids” and “quick fix” treatments. Her dissatisfaction with the status quo of medicine and her strong desire to see her patients not only function better, but also live a life of optimal health, drove her to found Four Oaks Medicine.